Furnishing of cottages and apartments:

Each of objects available for rent is furnished by the standards of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It may seem to you that in some objects there is less furniture than you are used to at home. Every object is unique and equipped in its owner’s style.

What does price for the object and a week mean?

It is a price for the rent of the whole house (the maximum capacity of the house including). For example, if the object offers the capacity of 8 persons, it means that you pay for 8 persons even in case that there would be only 4 persons in the object.

When there are only four persons, can we still rent an object with more beds, for e.g. 10 persons?

Yes, you may but the price will be same (for 10 p.). Every chalet, hut, house or apartment is rented for a flat rate of the maximum capacity of the building.

Is there any bedlinen at the house?

Yes, there is. In case of missing bedlinen at the house it would be noted in our offers such as catalogs, websites, leaflets and others.

What does 2/4 bedroom means and do I know which bedrooms are in the house?

2/4 bedroom means 2 bedrooms with 4 beds. So, if you are going on holiday as two families with 4 members in each, each family will have its own room with 4 beds. If the description says for e.g.: 2/3, 1/2 bedrooms, there are 2 rooms with 3 beds and 1 room with 2 beds.

What is it an extra bed?

The extra bed is a bed with which the manipulation is needed in any way. Such as reclining sofa or an additional movable bed.

What is the difference between chalets, cottages and apartments?

Summer houses and huts offer more privacy. The operator isn’t present in the building (look it up in the details of the object: “The owner doesn’t live in the building”). In the most of the cases the apartment means separated private part with entrance, where the operator of the building lives regularly or sometimes. If you search for privacy without an operator, look for:”The owner doesn’t live in the building”. Be aware of some exceptions which are always stated in the details of the building.


You can see an icon under every detail of building. The icon symbolize if the cat or dog (or other animal) is allowed to be in the building. The icon usual applies to 1 dog or a cat. it is necessary to write down how many and which species of animal you are taking with you, even if the animal is allowed in the building. Mostly, you will be charged with an additional fee for animal at the spot.

Additional distances

In the detail of each building, there are states distances for nearest swimming possibilities, to the ski lifts and etc. These distances are only indicative. The providers of these facilities are not obliged to announce us any closure or on the other hand an origin of new facilities near the rent building.

Local tax and deposit

It amounts vary by region and place between 0,30 and a maximum of 2,5 € per person and day.


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