Management of holiday rentals - Giant Mountains (Krkonose), Trutnov, Czech

Management of holiday rentals - Czech republic. Giant mountains, arround Trutnov, Adrspach rocks and arround.

House management of your holiday property | Eastern Bohemia, Giant Mountains, Adrspach

AlkaService - we will manage your holiday property (from A to Z)

Do you own a holiday cottage / chalet / house / apartment in the Trutnov region, the eastern Giant Mountains or around Adršpach rock? Are you looking for a complete service for holiday accommodation? Do you want to earn money, but you don't want to go to the cottage every weekend, communicate with guests and clean up? We offer a complete service - advertising service and technical service. We have almost 30 years of experience in the field.

You can find where we operate on the map below (click on the map to enlarge it).

Our service for you

If you are unsure of your area, contact us.

The options of cooperation are always according to individual agreement.

What can we offer, for example:

• Handover of keys in CZ (during the stay of foreigners communication in EN or DE) upon arrival of guests.
• Cleaning and preparation before handing over the object (mowing the grass, cleaning, bedlinen, 
   minor repairs such as changing the bulb, etc.)
• Solving common "problems" during the stay.
• Assistance service during the stay of guests at the building (also in English and German).
• For foreigners, we will handle "paperwork" for the foreign police.
• Taking over the object back from the client and checking the condition of the house.
• Securing financial resources, administration with settlement of the stay.
• Complete communication with the client, answering the common questions until the arrival of the guest.
• Complete advertising service (our 27th season on the market, including foreign).
• We will prepare a description of the house, make professional photo-documentation (or video) 
  for presentation purposes.
• Regular information on the status of reservations, information about the object, payment in exact terms.
• Communication with you - if something breaks, etc.
• We know where the presentation makes sense and where it doesn't, we actively work for you on a daily basis.

Complete advertising services without flat fees.

We will compile an offer tailored to your needs. Safe for the 28th season.

With us you do NOT have to (examples):

• Drive every Saturday (summer / winter) or Friday / Sunday (weekends) to change guests and clean up after them.

• Mow the garden, clean the pool, roll up the snow.

• Clean the fireplace, wash the floors, put sheets on the beds or do the washing.

• Find clients and handle payment with them (optional).

• Learn a foreign language (or pay a translator).

• Wait for guests if they are late.

• Communicate with potential guests = we will answer questions for you = you will save a lot of time.

• Solve minor problems around the cottage, take phones from clients, for example at 10 pm.

• Other services by agreement.

* Pay for unnecessary services.


Frequently asked questions and answers:

"How much will it cost me?"

We have several variants that we can offer you. It depends on how (what form) you want to rent the house, how big the building is, etc. Write us what kind of house it is and we will prepare an individual offer for you.

"Can I ever be alone in the cottage?"

Yes, sure, it's your house. It all depends on mutual agreement. The number of terms (stays) for rent is by mutual agreement.

"What houses do you accept for House Management?"

We accept houses mainly in the Trutnov region (now we have, for example, houses in the area of Černý Důl, Javorník, Rudník, Dolce, Adršpach, Chlívce, Hronov, Peklo u Trutnova, Svoboda nad Úpou, etc.), the eastern Giant Mountains and selected houses in the area around Adršpach Rocks. You can find out more precise locations by contacting by email:

"I'm afraid to let strangers into my building, how do you deal with that?"

We know all our co-workers well. They are all from the vicinity of Trutnov. At the same time, it is not a problem to come to see your object in person at any time. The house (accommodation) is still yours. Our goal is long-term cooperation and we will try to keep everything in order. And especially from the first meeting you will have one contact person who you will know well in person.

"Is it possible to agree a little differently?"

Yes, we offer more services and forms of cooperation. Everything is done by mutual agreement.

"I would like to rent you a holiday home for a long time and not worry at all, is that possible?"

Of course, even such a possibility exists. We would just send you a regular amount and you have no worries at all. Contact us and find out the possibilities.


Are you interested in our services? Want more information?

Ideally write to:

(don't forget to write telephone number, basic information about the object and

location of the house, eg Dolce or Svoboda nad Úpou).

Or call: 00420 733 739 859 (Mon - Fri: 10:00 - 17:00).

Have you got any questions? Contact us