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General terms and conditions travel agency Alka Travel

Travel Agency Alka Travel (further only TA) mediates accommodation for their clients in recreation cottages, chalets, detached houses, cottage settlements, apartment houses, boarding houses, hotels and other rooming houses in the territory of Czech Republic (CR) and Slovak Republic (SR). 

The General terms and conditions incorporated here adjust the contractual relationship between client and CA Alka Travel – Petr Košťál and Alka Travel CZ – Jitka Košťálová. The general conditions are binding for both parties and come into the force when CA receives a binding order or deposit for the stay of the client. For all clients engaged in the property or service in relation to the contractual relationship has responsibility that person who signs the order. CA is entitled to mediate the stay with a person 18 years or older. 

The rights and obligations of the client: the client has the right to be properly acquainted with the booked property, price and other important information necessary to make an agreement, and the use of all paid services. 

The client is obligated to pay within the agreed deadline ordered services to CA. The client is also obliged to hand over the Voucher (accommodation voucher) issued by CA to the owner of the property or the reception of recreational facilities at the arrival, pay bail and charges for municipal office (unless otherwise stated), in case of private accommodation you should draw up accommodation document (issued by the owner) with the owner of the building upon your arrival.

The rights and obligations TA: TA reserves the right to modify the price of accommodation in cases that cannot be predicted in advance. Additionally, TA reserves the right to increase prices for stays in Slovak Republic in case of significant changes in the CZK exchange rate. The client must be informed in advance about the fact. TA reserves the right to cancel the stay in case that it would be executed for serious reasons (change in ownership, unpredictable necessary repairs of the property, decease, uninhabitable house due to natural disasters etc.) In these cases, the TA is obliged to provide an alternative accommodation or immediately return the entire amount paid. If the client refuses the alternative accommodation, he/she is not entitled to any further compensation. The TA is not responsible for additional changes that may occur during the year from third parties (governmental authorities, police, private persons, etc.). It is mainly about road closures, restaurants, parks, sports facilities, recreational facilities, road access to the facility, ski lifts and etc. Simultaneously, TA is not responsible for changes in the prices of additional services included in the catalogue that the client pays on the spot. (For example: parking prices, rental sport shop prices, lift prices, outdoor/indoor swimming pool, sauna etc.). The stated distances are obtained from the owner of the property or public resources and they are indicative only. TA does not ensure transportation for its clients. TA reserves the right to determine the name of the offered property which may not be always the same as the name of the municipality in which it resides.

Reservation and payments

Client sends order by fax, email or post to the TA (there must always be the number of people, number of children, address, phone number, required property – optionally alternative property, date). By phone order, it is sufficient to mention the address, email, required property, dates and telephone contact of authorized person. Then, TA issues a binding order and send a stay confirmation and schedule of payment. 

The standard method of payment for accommodation / service (cottages, apartments in the Czech Republic), the client pays max. 50% deposit of the total amount of services to the TA when he/she orders the stay and the balance in cash to the owner of the property on arrival day (unless otherwise agreed).
The standard method of payment for accommodation / service (other recreational facilities), the client pays max. 50% deposit of the total amount of services to the TA when he/she orders the stay and the balance must be paid at least 30 days before the stay (unless otherwise agreed). When the order is made less than 30 days prior the services client will pay the whole amount at once to the TA (unless otherwise agreed).
Confirmation of a binding order includes CA confirmation of the property reservation, payment method (or. the required documents for employers) and the postal order for deposit of ordered services.
Client is always obliged to inform about other than standard method of payment before issuing a binding order from TA. If employer pays the invoice, client must state this fact at the time ordering the service together with the information that are necessary for the operation. The first and second invoice for particular stay is issued free of charge to the client by TA. The third and each subsequent invoice is charged at 100,-CZK/1 invoice for the same stay. For additional changes (after issuing an order confirmation by the TA) in the manner of payment, changes in forms and invoices for employers, etc. CA will charge a one-time fee of 250,-CZK.
Client confirms by sending the filled-binding order for the service that he/she was acquainted with the general conditions and agreed with them.
TA sends to the client an accommodation voucher with driving instructions to the property and other necessary information concerning the use of services no longer than 7 days before the stay.
Accommodation voucher is send to the client´s mailboxes or post boxes (or otherwise) upon request by the client.
Client will not be accommodated before the payment of balance to the owner at accession to stay.
The shortest time of stay is min. 3 paid nights in private accommodation. In the case of a stay from Friday to Sunday, it means that the price per night is equal to cost per day (arrival and departure can be arranged individually).

Recreational stays:

Week stays only are possible in high season (summer and winter) in recreational facilities. On the other hand, it is possible to set the stay shorter in hotels, boarding houses, and cottages settlements. It is also possible to ensure accommodation at selected holiday cottages for less than a week in low season. (Unless otherwise specified in individual properties)

Check in and check out is always on Saturdays (unless otherwise specified).
Check in at a property from 15.00 to 17.00pm and check out until 10am.
 It is possible to use additional services that are offered by landlord during the stay (horse riding, sauna, swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, playgrounds, sport grounds, garages etc. - these services are mostly for charge – it is paid to the owner at the stay).
Outdoor swimming pools at recreational properties are normally opened from 15.06. to 15.09. (taking into the account current forecast).
The decision over the building sustainability for infants and children stays decides the client.
It is possible to bring dog or cat to some properties. In this case the owner can require charge about 50 to 350,-CZK per pet/per night.
For those properties where the electricity is not included in the price – client is obliged to pay the actual consumed energy (electricity, gas) to the owner of the property at the check-out. The owner of the property can demand the charge for fuel at the properties with fire place or solid fuel heating.
The price does not include local resort fee for municipal office – payable on the arrival to the property owner. It usually costs from 5 to 30,-CZK per person per day.
Client pays a refundable deposit from 1.500,-CZK to 10.000,-CZK on arrival (usually based on the size of the property). The deposit will be given back in full amount if there is no damage to the property owner. Otherwise, the owner has the right to use the deposit to pay the damages.
The maximum number of people in the property means the number of accommodated people irrespective age for the entire stay. Exceeding this capacity at any time during the stay is a reason for cancellation without financial compensation or possibility to pay stay for extra person. Maximum building capacity means the sum of all beds and extra beds in the facility.
The client is obliged to hand the property over to the owner in the same condition and tidy as it was received. Failing to do so, the owner has the right to a reasonable deduction from the deposit for any extra cleaning.

The standard equipment of properties and pricing: Recreational facilities are equipped and offered according to the catalogue or the website of TA. The basic equipment offers equipped kitchen for cooking, water, toilets, energy (heating, cooking, water heating, etc.) And bed linen (unless stated in reservation or order confirmation otherwise). The price is set for a rent of such property and the total number of possible accommodated persons.

Accommodation Voucher: It is a proof of subscription services and contains all the information needed to stay (driving instructions, contact to the owner/operator of the facility, arrival time etc.). The client is obliged to hand over the document to the owner/operator or property reception upon arrival. Without this document, the client will not be accommodated. If the client decides for early departure from the property, he/she is obliged to hand the building (room) over to the facility owner/operator (cabin, chalet, apartment), hand the keys over and enrol in to the voucher or transfer protocol reason to leave. The early departure does not arise client the right to a refund of unused payments for services ordered. 

Cancellation conditions

* till 65 days before arrival - 15% from total price for stay | New Year´s Eve: (all dates from 20.12. till 06.01) - 35 %

* till 31 days before arrival - 30% from total price for stay | New Year´s Eve: (all dates from 20.12. till 06.01) - 75 %

* till 20 days before arrival - 50% from total price for stay | New Year´s Eve: (all dates from 20.12. till 06.01) - 95 %

* from the 19th arrival - 100% from total price for stay 

Cancellation conditions (boarding houses - pensions, hotels)

* till 65 days before arrival - 30 EUR/Person

* from 34 till 22 days before arrival - 40% from total price for stay

* till 21 till 14 days before arrival - 60% from total price for stay

* till 13 till 7 days before arrival - 80% from total price for stay

* from the 7th day before arrival - 100% from total price for stay 

Cancellation policy: it comes into the force on the date of sending binding order by the client or paying in advance for services ordered. TA charges an alignment fee 50 EUR for each cancelled stay executed by the client in electronic form from the website of TA and additionally by telephone or electronically confirmed by the TA and the client. If a client wants to move to another property and it is based on his will to change the property, TA charges 25 EUR. Cancellation fees are calculated from the date of written notice of the cancelled stay to the headquarters of TA. Every client has the right to cancel the stay and the reservation but it must be in a written form delivered to the address of the headquarters of the TA.  If the client finds an alternative person instead of him/her, the annulment conditions are not charged. 

Warranty claims:

Client has got the right for claim if he/she does not get reserved services or accommodation in a full range of quality. Client sets up a claim at once during the stay in written form with own and even owner´s signature (reception). The owner always bears a responsibility for the hygienic and technical conditions of the property. In these cases, it is necessary to solve it (financial compensation including) in written form with the owner/renter of the property at the place. If some of the agreed services are not met, it is possible to enforce them during the stay or the latest within 7 days after the stay in written form to the address of TA. In the case, the claim is not written in accommodation document, Voucher or any other document signed by the owner of the property (reception) and the client, optionally, independent client and witness it is not able to be accepted. TA does not respond to later claims. 


Insurance is not included in the price. TA is not responsible for the damage of client, theft, injury or damage/desolation of items and assets during the stay.

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