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Why us?


Our properties are checked

It means that every single cottage or chalet we offer is regularly visited and checked by our agency. It´s the tool for reduction of bad holiday risk.

On-line availability

You can check if your choosen holiday house is still available for rent in a specific moment and then make a reservation in a minute.

We always follow the quality

We have been searching for the right holiday houses. Only quality house has a chance to be a part of our public presentation.

Very low prices + guarantees

Has it ever happened to you that you came to the cottage or suite and you paid a higher price than was in the contract? It´s over. As it´s written the contract price is guaranteed. We keep our prices down.

Find your perfect accommodation

All cottages in the Czech Republic and Slovakia are regularly checked and controlled by our agency. We recommend accommodation in popular areas in the Czech Republic such as Southern Bohemia, the Giant Mountains, Adršpach or Southern Moravia.  

We offer more than 600 checked properties

Book your preferred cottage or any other property for less than 7 EUR/person/night. We have been here for you more than 25 years. We offer more than 600 checked cottages, chalets, guest houses or hotels. 


    Find a cottage which suits you.